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How can I load an m-file into an executable file made by using mcc?

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Abouzar am 23 Mai 2013
I have compiled my m-file functions and now I have an executable file. The main function requires the input m-file (case.m) and the name of output m-file. Since the input m-file structure includes several matrices, I use [cat1,cat2, cat3]=feval(case) inside my main function. Then: mcc -m mymainfunction
When I am running mymainfunction.exe in cmd, it pops out errors referring to the line where I used feval.

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Harsheel am 30 Mai 2013
You can make the case.m file a part of the executable using the -a flag. For example:
mcc -m mymainfunction -a case.m
Else you can use function DEPLOYTOOL and add the dependent case.m file under the 'Shared Resources and Helper Files' section.

Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 30 Mai 2013
Why use feval()? Why not just call case from your main function code? I don't see why feval() is necessary at all. Please explain why you think it is? It's quite possible for an m-file like case.m to return 3 output arguments just by calling it and not using feval(). I do it all the time.


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