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Tab disappears in formatted string in multiline text command

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KAE am 13 Jan. 2021
Kommentiert: Jan am 13 Jan. 2021
I would like to label a plot with a multiline formatted string which includes some tabs, but the tabs disappear on the plot. How to fix this? (I don't want to substitute spaces for the tabs since I am lining up colums in my real plot label).
Here's an example,
% Make example plot
f1 = figure;
shading flat;
hold on;
% Create the string to label it with
str = sprintf('%6.4f\t\t%6.4f\nbbbbbbbbbbbbbb\nccccccccccc', rand(2,1));
disp(str) % Tabs are present
% Label the plot with string
t = text(-3, 0.4, str); % The text is labeled but the tabs have disappeared

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WalterWhite am 13 Jan. 2021
t = text(-3, 0.4, detab(str));
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KAE am 13 Jan. 2021
Bearbeitet: KAE am 13 Jan. 2021
Embarrasingly, I asked the same thing earlier. However now I am having trouble with detab in R2020a.
DETAB> file not found <>
ans =
The comments in detab say the input should be a cell or a file. I will check into this.
Jan am 13 Jan. 2021
@KAE: This is the documented behavior of this function: if the input is a CHAR vector, it is used as file name. Provide a cell string instead:

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