How can I add column with for loop

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Atony Garcia
Atony Garcia on 26 Dec 2020
Commented: Jan on 26 Dec 2020
Hi everyone
I have this vector
url = {'nam1', 'nam2', 'nam3','nam5', 'name5', 'nam6'};
And I need to do a for loop to add to another 1x6 matriz name by name, I have tried the nexy code
for i = length(xsl)
but it return a 6x6 cell array and that is not what Im looking for, can anyone help me?
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Jan on 26 Dec 2020
What is the wanted output? What about:
xsl = cat(2, url{:})

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Ameer Hamza
Ameer Hamza on 26 Dec 2020
The question is not clear. Are you looking for something like this
url = {'nam1', 'nam2', 'nam3','nam5', 'name5', 'nam6'};
xsl = cell(1,6);
for i = length(xsl)

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