Brain tumor segmentation using fcm in matlab

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Koshy on 28 Feb 2013
From an input mri image glcm features such as correlation contrast entropy are taken out and these feature vector form input to fcm.. i have downloaded code for fcm, and for glcm features.. When feature is extracted it gives only single value as o/p. how i can input this as vector for fcm...
Also provide some mri(.dcm) dicom images of brain which contains tumor...
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dear venkat
dear venkat on 4 Mar 2013
how can i extract the 2 clusters in image out of the gray scale image using fuzzy c means function?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 28 Feb 2013
Your instructor should provide you with images for this assignment. In the US at least, there are "HIPPA" laws that are extremely restrictive on the sharing/distribution of medical images. Virtually impossible to get I would think, unless you're on a study as an official "investigator" and have waivers from the subjects that you're allowed to use their images.


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