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How to hide web browser while using web function

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Zheng am 6 Feb. 2013
For instancce, I want to open the URL 'GOOGLE.COM' by using web function ---
can I hide web browser?

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Jan am 6 Feb. 2013
Bearbeitet: Jan am 6 Feb. 2013
You want to open a web browser and hide it? What about using urlread instead?
[stat,h] = web('');
This the the window be visible, but the contents is invisible.
To hide the window:
Let's ask Yair, if there is a more direct solution, which looks less like I'm stammering. Bur at least, it works.
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Kye Taylor
Kye Taylor am 6 Feb. 2013
Haven't you tried surfing the web in MATLAB, only to have the boss man come in?

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Zheng am 6 Feb. 2013
does it work? I need to use web function to access the webpage to active online server, but I don't want the application users to see it.

Sean de Wolski
Sean de Wolski am 6 Feb. 2013
[~,h] = web('whatever')
There are some methods in there that might work, but these aren't documented and aren't guaranteed to work. Some relevant ones I saw: hide() and setVisible().
@Kye, I guess you could have "Hide Stuff the Boss Can't See" quick access toolbar button :)


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