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Displaying Errors without try-catch in a GUI

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Bogdan Dzyubak
Bogdan Dzyubak on 23 Jan 2013
When code is run in MATLAB, there is large number of errors that can be displayed. I can only code a finite number with try-catch statements and might loose some information that way. Is there a way to output any sort of errors/warnings that would be displayed in the command window into a GUI?
Thanks in advance, Bogdan

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 Jan 2013
If you don't use try/catch, then when it hits the first error it totally crashes and your program ends, which is not a very elegant or professional way of interacting with your users.
If you want, you only need a try catch at the upper level (say a button callback) and any deeper level errors from dependent functions will bubble up to your top-most catch.

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