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mixture of Benzene and Toluene

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Rahul Karelia
Rahul Karelia on 17 Sep 2020
Commented: Rahul Karelia on 24 Sep 2020
A mjxture of benzene and toluene with p percent benzene and (l - p) percent toluene at 10°C is fed continuously to a vessel in which the mixture is healed to 50°c. The liquid product is 40 mole percent benzene and the vapor product is 68.4 mole percent benzene. Using conservation of the overall mass, we obtain the equation
where V is the vapor mass and L is the liquid mass.
Using conservation of benzene mass, we obtain the equation 0.684 V + 0.4 L = 0.01 p
Write a user-defined function that uses the left-division method to solve for V and L with p a the function's input argument. Test your function for the case where p = 50 percent


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BOB MATHEW SYJI on 17 Sep 2020
Hope this helps. The function chemist_problem(p) inputs p and gives output vector y which have values of v and l.
function y =chemist_problem(p)
syms v l x
eqn1= v+l==1;
eqn2= 0.684*v+0.4*l==0.01*x;
[A,B] = equationsToMatrix([eqn1, eqn2], [v, l]);
X = linsolve(A,B)


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Steven Lord
Steven Lord on 23 Sep 2020
Please don't post the solution of homework problems (or questions that sound like homework problems) like this one unless the person asking the question shows what they've tried first. If they do show their attempt, I recommend providing help rather than an answer.
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 23 Sep 2020
Please don'y do their homework assignments when no effort is shown. This does nothing to help the student, except teach them to ask for help immediately whenever they don't want to make the effort, and to expect that someone out there will be foolish enough to do their homework on demand.
Rahul Karelia
Rahul Karelia on 24 Sep 2020
well okay. will put the tried code first next time. though this is not the home work. And i am not a student.
I respect your work here.

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