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Simulating Trucks Air Brake

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gal Shraiter
gal Shraiter on 14 Sep 2020
Answered: Steve Miller on 12 Oct 2020
So I'm working at a company in which we just beggined simscape trial period. We're trying to model a truck brake systems. We have plenty of dara collected from trucks, and we want to varify our simulation with it. We're ignoring the retarder for now because modelling it will take longer than we have, and there is no block in driveline/powertrain discribing it. So we found data that shows a truck braking with no retarder, just normal brakes, the problem is that trucks don't use the usual hydraulic disc brakes, but have a pneumatic brake system, which we can't find in the library either. Has anyone encountered this issue before? is there a sub system we can use in the expamples?
Also We have a time variant data, so we have pressure value for each millisecond, is there a way to insert all this values in one simulation insted of a constant or zero-end values?

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Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 12 Oct 2020
Hi Gal,
We have many brake examples in Simscape Driveline. I think the best way to model your system would be to take a shipping example and replace the hydraulic system with components from the gas library.
Try looking at example >> sdl_braking_caliper_disk_brake
See online documentation here: Fixed Caliper Disk Brake
You can replace the hydraulic blocks with blocks from the Gas Elements Library. Below is a screenshot of one subsystem that shows the integration of the hydraulic and mechanical domains. Replacing the blocks in the blue field with gas libary blocks would be a good step.

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