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Constructing a Maze with vectors

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first off I might have bin looking in the wrong places so if you have something i can deep dive in to i'd appriciate it!
To the problem: I have a maze i created that looks like the picture
i simply set the the values as follow:
%% this is the blue
x = [20 100 100 20];
y = [80 80 100 100];
%% this is the red
x1 = [65 65 100 100];
y2 = [60 20 20 80];
%% this is the yellow
x2 = [0 0 100 20 20];
y2 = [100 0 0 0 60];
%i then just use simple plotting method
hold on
axis([-20 120 -20 120])
Now this works fine and I can see that it is a maze and sure I could make it more intricate, however when I then tried to combine every x in to one big X in to a single vector it became like this picture
it seems that the end of vector x,y became coupled with the start of x1,y1 and the end of that vector with the start of x2,y2.
I couldn't really find any rules on this... was thinking if maby addning the conecting vectors to another plot and making them white but that's to.... sad? or if maby LineStyle, 'none' could be applied in anyway?
appriciate the input.


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Accepted Answer

John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 10 Sep 2020
Insert NaNs between eack block of lines.
X = [x,nan,x1,nan,x2];
Y = [y,nan,y1,nan,y2];
Now the various sets of line segments will not be connected by spurious lines.


slowlearner on 11 Sep 2020
king! thanks man didnt really know NaNs cNould be used a vector like that.
John D'Errico
John D'Errico on 12 Sep 2020
Yes, it is one of those tricks you just need to know to solve this problem, but would not be at all obvious. NaNs are something you normally want to avoid. I'm happy to be of help.

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