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program spherical joint parameters in Simscape Multibody: PositionTa​rgetRotati​onArbitrar​yAxis

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Rachel Cahan
Rachel Cahan on 14 Aug 2020
Answered: Steve Miller on 15 Aug 2020
Trying to program a spherical joint programatically and having issues setting the arbitrary axis.
My code:
set_param(jointName, 'PositionTargetRotationArbitraryAxis',[0 0 1]);
My error:
Invalid setting in Spherical
Joint block (mask) 'Ball1' for parameter 'PositionTargetRotationArbitraryAxis'
Is there somewhere to find all the parameters for each joint and how to set the parameters programatically?

Accepted Answer

Steve Miller
Steve Miller on 15 Aug 2020
To get a list of all parameter names, you can select the block (click on it once) and enter

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