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How to copy hggroup object from one figure to the other

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Dmytro on 15 Dec 2012
Edited: Walter Roberson on 19 Nov 2015
I am trying to copy an hggroup object (such as text-box created in PlotEditor, ot text-arrow) from one figure to the other. It is very easy to do it just by {Ctrl+C,Ctrl+V}, but how can I do it in a script? Copyobj does not work appropriately (when I use it hggroup objects become uneditable and behave strangely in a new figure). Anybody knows the solution?
P.S. I have posted similar question previously (although probably not formulated well), but no solution was found and it seems that it was forgotten, so I repost one more time and with a better formulation of the problem.
Thank you in advance,
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It can be illustrated as following:
1. Create two figures: h1=figure; h2=figure;
2.Create a text-box object in the first figure h1 using PlotEditor (Insert->TextBox), write something in it, select it and get its handle by hgh=gco;
3. Select the next figure h2 and find its basic invisible axes as set(0,'ShowHiddenHandles','on'); iax=findobj(gcf,'type','axes','HandleVisibility','off');
4. Then copy TextBox hggroup object hgh to that axes iax: copyobj(hgh,iax);
Then the copied textbox in the figure 2 can't be edited anymore (nor text in it changed, nor its size), as well as text become shifted in respect to the frame when you change figure size, which does not happen with the original one.
Dmytro on 28 Dec 2012
Oh... How could I forget that I can do this??? Checked now, and found out that it just creates a new annotation object by annotation(figure_handle,'textbox',Position,...) and sets all user-modified properties. Therefore, in fact I can do the same. Although one problem remains: how can I find what annotation type is the current hggroup object (is is textbox, text arrow, ellipse etc.)?
I also wonder is there still a simpler way? E.g. when you copy axes from one figure to the other by copyobj, if you see the source code, there new axes will be created from the beginning, the same situation as with hggroup textbox.

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Jan on 24 Dec 2012
You cannot expect, that objects created by the interactive PlotEditor behave equally after they have been posted to another figure. Beside the visible objects, callbacks are created and attached to the actions of the figure. And the missing of these callbacks reproduce the observed behavior.
I suggest to use another method to insert the objects in the new figure.
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Dmytro on 25 Dec 2012
Thank you for your answer. The other methods are not always more convenient. I know that it is possible to copy such objects because you can easily do this by Ctrl+C - Ctrl+V, so there is some scheme for this implemented to MatLab. I just want to figure out this scheme.

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Thomas on 19 Nov 2015
Edited: Walter Roberson on 19 Nov 2015
Actually, this is possible:
textbox=annotation('textbox','String','Hello World');
%may want to add:'linestyle','none' and/or 'position',textbox.Position
%this copies it into the annotationpane for newbox

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