Move-File: Can't move certain Files to another Folder!

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Hello! I want to extract some Files based on a certain criteria (here: bytes < 70 000 000). But I don't get it to work, some Ideas?
This is my approach so far..
files_zum_Testen = dir('...\MOVE_MDF\*.mf4');
move_bedingung = [files_zum_Testen.bytes] < 70000000;
move_list = fullfile({files_zum_Testen(move_bedingung).folder}, {files_zum_Testen(move_bedingung).name});
movefile (move_list, newFolder)
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Stephen23 on 6 Jul 2020
You will need to use a loop, and move each file separately.
The movefile documentation describes its source input as one character vector or string scalar, It does not state that the source can be a cell array of character vectors or a non-scalar string.
It states that multiple files can be matched using the wildcard *. But because you want to match on some other property (not using a wildcard) you will have to call movefile for each file.

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes on 6 Jul 2020
Malte - you haven't posted the error message or describe fully what you mean by I don't get it to work. According to movefile input arguments, the source is a character vector corresponding to a single file or directory. I don't think that passing in a cell array (list of files) will work and so you will need to move each file individually.
Malte Räuchle
Malte Räuchle on 7 Jul 2020
Thank you all for your help. I'm new to matlab and still learning.. A combination of both answers was a good solution and exactly what I needed!!
Appreciate it!

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