Strange error when closing "dot indexing is not supported"

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I have the strangest thing (for me at least!) happen in my matlab script:
When I run my script everything works fine I get the results I wanted, everything looks great.
It is not until I hit close on the MATLAB window that I get this error pop-up for half a second before closing: (I managed to print screen it before it closed)
This is quite strange to me because like I said the code runs perfectly, this only happens when I close the window, and there is no information about what line or script has the error. It doesn't affect me in any but I'm intrigued as to why this happens? Also I'm afraid it might have some impact on the code that I'm not aware of.
If anyone knows why this is happening I'd appreciate it if you could help! Thanks
Hugo Pontes
Hugo Pontes on 16 May 2020
Well the code has like 500 lines with many function files...What do you suggest?

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