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How do I simulate a microgrid to which is applied reinforcement learning using Simulink and Simscape?

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I have to simuate using Simulink and Simscape a microgrid to which is applied reinforcment learning. I am having troubles on finding a starting point to this since it is a new field and I don't find some examples on this topic.
I am trying to take inspiration from the following paper: but I don't have to simulate this, I am just using it as a guideline to follow.
I have found some videos made by Mathworks on how to build a microgrid, but they use some blocks the have build and that are not on the blockset, and moreover I don't know hot to apply reinforcment learning to the microgrid.
Can somebody help me understand how to operate and/or link me some material that can help me understand how to do this simulation using Simulink and Simscape?
Thanks in advance.

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Tony Lennon
Tony Lennon am 20 Apr. 2020
I'll pass this along to some people who work in reinforcment learning. In the meantime, may I suggest that you look at these resources?
Use Simulink and Simscape™ models to represent an environment. Specify the observation, action, and reward signals within the model.
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Flavio Clarizia
Flavio Clarizia am 21 Nov. 2020
Hi, I don't think there is something, but i was looking more for a guide to follow for starting.

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Zeyue Sun
Zeyue Sun am 27 Aug. 2022
Hi Flavio,
I have the same question as you do. Do you konw how to apply DQN on battery energy management system?


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