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lauch simulink simulation from windows command prompt

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matthieu trupin
matthieu trupin on 15 Apr 2020
Answered: Priyanshu Mishra on 29 Apr 2020
Hi guys,
My goal is to run a simulink model from the windows command prompt. I have the 2019b version of matlab. I have a script where I use the sim('model_name') command, When I try running the script from the command prompt, with the following command line : matlab -nosplash -noFigureWindows -r "try; run('C:\Path_To_Script\ScriptName.m'); catch; end; quit"
It seems that matlab tries to launch simulink and gets stuck in "initializing" state.
I tried to run the script directly from matlab and it works properly.
Do you have any idea why idea why it does not work ? Should the be a command line to open/launch simulink prior to the command line to run the script ?
Thanks a lot for your time !

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