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How to generate new vector and replace certain elements?

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Quick Mart
Quick Mart on 20 Feb 2020
Commented: Quick Mart on 20 Feb 2020
I have vector X = [3 15 9 12 -1 0 -12 9 6 1].
I want to generate a new vector V which equals X except that the elements of X that are greater than the mean of X are replaced by their difference from the mean of X.
I've tried doing this with
V = X;
But it generates only
10.8 4.8 7.8 4.8 1.8
it doesn't keep the values that are less than the mean.
I'm new to Matlab and have tried approaching it with a loop but I just can't figure it out.


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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 20 Feb 2020
Nearly got it:
meanV = mean(V); %save the mean in a new variable to avoid calculating it more than once
V(V > meanV) = V(V > meanV) - meanV;

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