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csv upload fails "...contains invalid location fields"

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Hey, (sorry about my english)
since yesterday I got , during CSV Upload, the Error message : "The file was not uploaded because it contains invalid location fields"
My investigation, what is wrong with the csv-file, was not helpfull, I found nothing (for me) obvious wrong. The upload procedure I have done a lot of times in the past, w/o any issue!!! but now ?????
(I double checked the file with Excel, notepad++, textpad... deleted rows in the file, added manualy some field values in an row,.... reduced a dummy file to only 10 rows....
==> some times it worked, sometimes not.)
What is the KEY Reason for this error massage? a certain coding? after checking since hours, trying different minor/major changes, I have no glue what is wrong.
I need a simple hint in what direction or on what "Point (?)" I have to check?!?!
The File I wants to upload is from TS downloaded -> deleted some (faulty) rows -> upload again.
The Upload procedure I make 1000 of times in the past.... but since yesterday, I was not lucky. :-(((
cheers & thanks in advance


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Yam Schuster
Yam Schuster on 17 Feb 2020
@Vinod: thanks for your reply: This is also the idea I have had, if it would help, I had done this directly,
My recent investigations on my side during today (last several hours with testing) is:
It is regardless which file (older than today) with which content I try to upload: IT DONT WORK, grrr
This means: a csv file (I take from my 100reds backups) which worked in the past (I mean which was already uploaded in the past): Now/today : the upload is not working! all the time the msg "..invalid location fields"
the only thing which works: when I now (Today) download a feed in .csv format, then I can upload it again (to my newly created test-dummy channel) .
My (strong) guess (meanwhile) is : maybe something wrong on TS side.
I´m wondering that a Google search with "error message Thingspeak & invalid location fields" find ABSOLUTELY nothing helpfull. And what the hell ;-) is a location field? The .csv have only "lat" & "lon", and this can be empty!?!
Only one similar issue I found is regarding an UTC time Issue , but tests with UTC ~> changed to CET (in my file / any file) was not successfull.
For further Help: I copied some lines from a channel in one Test csv File
  1. created new file with 8 entires in "feeds Test1 #UL-works.csv"
  2. append 3 entries to this 1st file, result see --> "feeds Test2 #UL-worksNOT.csv" <-- is not uploading
  3. changed 1 Empty field (entry ID 10 / field3) --> "feeds Test3 #UL-worksAgain.csv" from empty to "11" <-- now it works ???
Is it a coincidence(?) which value can be empty or not?
Annother Test result was: a Value in an cell was "90" <-- this dont work, when I changed it from "90" to "89" then the upload works. (Grrr : only values less then 90 are alowed ?? ;;;;;-))) but this was valid only in the column of field2! ;-)) I get mad during this ;-)) tell me: is there a rule???????
The Issue I have: - I want to upload/update a channel with several 1,000 rows which I downloaded yesterday, then deleted several rows (faulty useless mesurements, generated during tests), and then update the channel with the modificated csv file {as practiced several times in the past with several channels} w/o any issue.
Thanks in advance
P.S. maybe tomorrow , when the Upload Routine on ThingSpeak side was changed, again it works, I belive in miracels ;-)))
Yam Schuster
Yam Schuster on 17 Feb 2020
@Joachim Keinert: thanks for your hint, so I´m not 'allone' ;-)
and @all: I of course checked the 'RTMF' ;-) regarding the csv files, and of course checked the coding thing regarding UTF-8 ..... ;-))
thanks in advance for showing the direction for my further investigations.
Jimi Rex Pacete
Jimi Rex Pacete on 18 Feb 2020
I used to export the data log on to the channel then reimport. But now I can't. My issue is still unresolved :(

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Accepted Answer

Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 18 Feb 2020
There were two recent changes to csv upload.
Position validation: the Latitude must be from -90 to +90, and Longitude from -180 to 180. Also, the time format should be ISO 8601, like this example: 2020-05-15T20:03:48-05:00
If your file continues to fail, can you share a few rows of the file that are failing?


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Yam Schuster
Yam Schuster on 18 Feb 2020
Christopher, That's me (Rahoul) with my newest dummy-account for testing the Upload issue.
But I was not logged on (something is strange today on Thingspeak ;-)) ????
Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels on 18 Feb 2020
Ill test your file and let you know when I have more information.
Yam Schuster
Yam Schuster on 18 Feb 2020
you are welcome ;-)) thanks in advance for your effort!!!

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Yam Schuster
Yam Schuster on 18 Feb 2020
@Christopher. my recent changes / trials:
  • filled the lat&lon fileds w/ dummy values --> still not working
  • played arround with the date Time:
  • "2019-11-07 14:32:12 UTC" ~~> "2019-11-07T14:32:12"
  • "2019-11-07 14:32:12 UTC" ~~> "2019-11-07T14:32:12+0"
  • "2019-11-07 14:32:12 UTC" ~~> "2019-11-07T14:32:12+000"
  • "2019-11-07 14:32:12 UTC" ~~> "2019-11-07T14:32:12" same result: --> still not uploading
  • ---> there must be something regarding the values itself , but where and what?
See my 3 examples from yesterday: there I figured out : if changing only one certain value, this can be the show stopper. But why? I see no rule behind it.
cheers Joachim


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Yam Schuster
Yam Schuster on 19 Feb 2020
Christopher, This sounds good! Thanks for your effort and help!!!
(for me it´s good to know, that I was not completly incapable, to do a 'simple' upload ;-) and therefore I come after 2days to the conclusion: 'maybe' a bug on the other end of the line ;-)) )
So during the next days, I´ll try it again....
cheers Joachim
Vinod on 19 Feb 2020
Thank you for reporting the issue. It has been resolved.
Yam Schuster
Yam Schuster on 20 Feb 2020
Hey Vinod & Christopher,
thanks for your support. I tested it today, everything is fine again now. the Upload works again!!! Good Job!!!

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