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How to ignore letters in a numeric cell?

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Daniel Tanner
Daniel Tanner am 28 Jan. 2020
Kommentiert: Daniel Tanner am 29 Jan. 2020
I have imported a vector into MatLab from excel which was originally imported from ANSYS. I would like to plot this vector against another one, however each entry has a 'mm' after it, like so:
PinRadius = [0.01mm;0.02mm;0.03mm;0.04mm;...]
Is there a way in MatLab to ignore the letters and just read the numbers so I can produce a plot? I know I could manually do this but I have over 200+ entries.
Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!
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Adam am 28 Jan. 2020
Are they in cell arrays or a char array (implying that every one is the same length and never more nor fewer digits)?
The example format you have given is not valid as it is a numeric array with characters in it too.
Daniel Tanner
Daniel Tanner am 28 Jan. 2020
It is in a cell array. They go from 0.01mm to 2.9mm.

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Adam am 28 Jan. 2020
Bearbeitet: Adam am 28 Jan. 2020
cellfun( @(x) str2double( erase( x, 'mm' ) ), pin_radius )
should convert them to an array of doubles.
If you are using pre R2016b you would have to use something like this instead:
cellfun( @(x) str2double( strrep( x, 'mm', '' ) ), pin_radius )
(Note in that version the 3rd argument to strrep is two consecutive single quotes, not a double quote)

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Stephen23 am 28 Jan. 2020
Simpler and much more efficient with sscanf:
>> C = {'0.01mm';'0.02mm';'0.03mm';'0.04mm'};
>> V = sscanf([C{:}],'%fmm')
V =


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