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Creating email alert using Matlab, but getting error

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Mthunzi Booi
Mthunzi Booi am 13 Jan. 2020
Hi Team
I am trying to create native code for matlab analysis about email alert. But i am getting an error below and my code is below. Question which API key must be supplied here? The Alert API Key both on my Matlab and PostMan? I am following this link below and note my channel is set under settings as private channel.
data = thingSpeakRead(929272, "NumMinutes", 100);
aveTemp = mean(data(:,7));
apiKey = '****';
alertURL = "";
options = weboptions("HeaderFields",["ThingSpeak-Alerts-API-Key", apiKey]);
alertBody = sprintf("The temperature is %0.2fF.", aveTemp);
if avg_temperature > 60.0
webwrite(alertURL, "body", alertBody, "subject", alertSubject, options);

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Selva Karna
Selva Karna am 14 Jan. 2020
Check inbuilt funciton
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Rik am 14 Jan. 2020
It is probably more helpful to provide a link to the doc page, or at least the name of the builtin function you mean. Did you mean sendmail?

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Christopher Stapels
Christopher Stapels am 14 Jan. 2020
change avg_temperature to aveTemp.


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