Error in Joining multiple date time duration id date is in cell Array

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I am working on time series data. I am joining multiple time duration data . I need help, If duration is in cell array then I am unable to join the time series .
I am getting the following error
Error in matlab.internal.tabular.private.numArgumentsFromSubscriptRecurser (line
n = numArgumentsFromSubscript(a, s, ctxt);
Error in tabular/numArgumentsFromSubscript (line 97)
sz =
Error in get_fieldnames (line 33)
structtable.Date = duration(structtable.Date.Hour,
structtable.Date.Minute, structtable.Date.Second); %extract h/m/s
and make that a duration.
Error in MainFcn (line 22)
[joinedtimetable] = get_fieldnames(Content);
I have added work bench. Please find the attachment. Please provide the correct file path.
Life is Wonderful
Life is Wonderful on 8 Jan 2020
Edited: Life is Wonderful on 8 Jan 2020
Hi Adam ,
Once you extract the,
Please proivde the code we can execute to recreate the problem
Run file : MainFcn.m
Please add path manually from your PC [your *.zip file extract location]
Input filename is embedded in the *.zip itself. You should be able run the code outofbox.
Note - Error is observed when Test2 & Test3 is executed. Test1 is good case ( sample example)
Hi Guillaume
Question - when the error occurs?
class(structtable) is 'table'
class(structtable.Date) is 'Unknown'. We get the error for line
Error in get_fieldnames (line 33)
structtable.Date = duration(structtable.Date.Hour, structtable.Date.Minute, structtable.Date.Second); %extract h/m/s and make that a duration.
Sure, I will adapt the code as per your inputs.
Thank you very much!!

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Accepted Answer

Adam Danz
Adam Danz on 8 Jan 2020
Edited: Adam Danz on 8 Jan 2020
In Test2, the table is not being read in correctly. The image below is the result of line 36 in get_vmlog.m. As you can see, the datetime values are cell arrays of strings.
If you look at the content of vmlogLATEST, it's qualitatively different from uiLATEST which is read in correctly. I guess this is why you have two different functions to read in the data.
Sample of uiLATEST
Sample of vmlogLATEST
So, you'll need to adapt get_vmlog() to use similar logic as you're using in get_ui() to read the datetime values.
Create vector of datetime from cell array of string values
To convert the Date values shown in the first screen shot image above to datetime values, add these two lines of code to your get_vmlog.m file after readtable().
I'm guessing you want to convert {'[0616/104015]'} to 10:40:15 following the logic of your previous questions.
Content.vmlog = readtable(filename, opts);
% convert cell array of time strings to datetime
timeStr = regexp(Content.vmlog.Date,'\d{6}','match');
Content.vmlog.Date = datetime([timeStr{:}],'InputFormat','HHmmss','Format','HH:mm:ss')';

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Sylvain Lacaze
Sylvain Lacaze on 8 Jan 2020
Hi Matlab,
You're overriding yourself:
structtable.Date = duration(structtable.Date.Hour, structtable.Date.Minute, structtable.Date.Second);
In the first iteration of the loop, structtable.Date is a datetime array, but you then step on it, to make it a duration. In the second iteration of the loop, structtable.Date.Hour doesn't exist (Hour is not a property of a duration object).
Did you mean:
structtable.SomeotherVariableNameLikeDuration = duration(structtable.Date.Hour, structtable.Date.Minute, structtable.Date.Second);


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