How to estimate the density threshold separately for each dimension.

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Silpa K
Silpa K am 7 Jan. 2020
Kommentiert: Silpa K am 16 Jan. 2020
I need to find the density threshold separately for each dimension.
In this step,objects in each of the D attributes are arranged in increasing order.A closely packed 5 elements region in it is identified and in case of tie,it is resolved randomly.The window size is set to 5 elements (subspace clusters having less than 5 objects are assumed to be non significant).The maximum seperation between two consecutive elements in the group is rounded to next decimal point and is recorded as density threshold.
How can I do that please help me. The dataset is attached here.
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Silpa K
Silpa K am 16 Jan. 2020
Yes sir I tried. Iam not a beginner but also Iam not an expert.Over the past days I studied and understand the problem. I also tried lots of examples using dbscan() and distance measures. But I didn't get the accurate answer. I need help.Thank you.

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Sylvain Lacaze
Sylvain Lacaze am 8 Jan. 2020
Hi Silpa,
In your code, your data variable is 336x7 such that data(i,:) is 1x7, causing the dimension mismatch error you're getting.
Use data(i,1:2) instead.

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