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readmatrix for single Excel cells

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Kar Moh
Kar Moh on 26 Dec 2019
Answered: dpb on 26 Dec 2019
My data is stored on a single Excel file, where each sheet containts several numeric matrixes. I imported all the variables successfully to MATLAB using readmatrix. However, 1x1 matrices are imported incorrectly. I use the following syntax:
MFOA = readmatrix (Path, 'Sheet', Sheet, 'Range', 'H142:H142');
Instead of loading only the cell H142, readmatrix loads a column vector starting from H142 down to the last row of the rectangular portion of the spreadsheet. How can I get the correct results?


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Accepted Answer

dpb on 26 Dec 2019
Don't have recent-enough version here to test to confirm, but if is so and reproducible on latest release, that would appear to be a bug. Report to TMW.
  1. Just follow above with MFOA=MFOA(1); to throw away everything but first element, or
  2. Use venerable xlsread to read the single cell cases (I'd use 1. btw).


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