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How to know where the >> are in the command window?

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Marine Piou
Marine Piou am 19 Dez. 2019
Kommentiert: ME am 19 Dez. 2019
I would like to know if there is a matlab command to know where the '>>' will be at the end of a function execution.
For example if I do
I will get on the next command line
The '>> ' are in the different position than the default position when I open Matlab. Is there a way to get where that position is?
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Stephen23 am 19 Dez. 2019
There is no trivial way to do this once the strings have been printed.
The simplest approach is to keep track of this yourself, by adding a flag to your code that indicates if that particular message has been printed or not.
Marine Piou
Marine Piou am 19 Dez. 2019
Thanks for your answer, I'll see how I can add a flag inside my code.

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Adam am 19 Dez. 2019
Just use
instead and it will put the new line at the end so that the >> will be on the next line where you expect it to be.
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ME am 19 Dez. 2019
The original posted has said in a comment above:
"I don't want to use the '\n' because I don't want to pollute my screen with the same message n times (so n lines). n can vary between 1 and 0.5million."

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