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Documentation and Live Editor shows black screen on Linux

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I'm struggling with the following problem : the documentation shows only a black screen, as you can see in the attached picture. I also noticed the same thing for the live editor, though I don't use it.
I've tried the following :
  • Changing the renderer (source) :
The documentation now displays OK but unformatted which is not very eye-candy. The Live Editor is still black.
  • Installing missing library (source) :
ldd ~/.matlab/$MATLABVERSION/HtmlPanel/glnxa64/chromium/jxbrowser-chromium | grep -i found
I found that I was missing the deprecated libgconf library, that I installed. The return of the previous command is now empty but the problem is the same.
  • Reverting to the default renderer :
com.mathworks.mlwidgets.html.HtmlComponentFactory.setDefaultType(' ');
The problem persists.
My computer is running Manjaro Linux with KDE. Java is installed through jre-openjdk (up to date, version 12.0.2). MATLAB version is R2019a.
I'd like to try a few things before trying the full reinstallation of MATLAB, so I'm all ears.


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Accepted Answer

Guillaume Le Goc
Guillaume Le Goc on 22 Oct 2019
The problem appeared again on MATLAB R2019b. I also noticed that the "Log in" button didn't work, while outputing the libselinux library was missing . Installing SELinux library solved all the problems (black screen on doc & livescripts and the Log in button).

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Harisanker Pradeep
Harisanker Pradeep on 5 Dec 2019
This worked for me. Here's the link to the libselinux aur repo ->

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Chidvi Modala
Chidvi Modala on 13 Aug 2019

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Guillaume Le Goc
Guillaume Le Goc on 14 Aug 2019
I didn't want to disable all desktop effects (there are many in KDE...). Oddly, reinstalling MATLAB fixed the problem. Not sure what happened there.

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