Matlab uitable column font size using html not working

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I have a uitable within a uipanel.
I'm trying to change the column header font size using following HTML code:
'ColumnName',{'<HTML><FONT size=10>Metric</FONT></HTML>','<HTML><FONT size=10>Value</FONT></HTML>'}
I get:
I've tried changing the HMTL code to:
'ColumnName',{'<HTML><FONT size="10">Metric</FONT></HTML>','<HTML><FONT size="10">Value</FONT></HTML>'}
'ColumnName',{'<HTML><FONT size="+10">Metric</FONT></HTML>','<HTML><FONT size="+10">Value</FONT></HTML>'}
Nothing works, keep getting the contents of the cell as the text in the column headers.
What am I doing wrong?
Mathworks, uitable needs to have native support to change font sizes for column and row names, this html solution is too janky!!

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Accepted Answer

Yair Altman
Yair Altman on 8 Jul 2019
HTML is only supported out-of-the-box in the legacy (Java-based) figures, not the new web-based (AppDesigner) uifigures.
You may wish to try out R2019b, which might possibly have a partial solution for your needs. I'm afraid that I cannot be more specific because 19b is still in beta mode and not officially released yet.

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Nicholas Fugal
Nicholas Fugal on 10 Jun 2020
To make things even worse, the font size of the headers changes from something small in 2019b to something large in 2020a. With no way of adjusting the font properties it means that uitables designed in 2019b will likely require a re-layout in 2020a because of the larger text.
MathWorks, PLEASE give us a way for format the headers!

Guillaume on 8 Jul 2019
All of the solutions you link apply to the old style uitable (in a figure). As far as I know there's no documented or undocumented way of setting the header font of an app designer uitable (in a uifigure).




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