Plotting intensities, gradients and variance of images (varying with time) on particular grid points.

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I am working on a digital images series where the pixel intensity values are changing with time which I want to analyse in terms of changes in intensity, gradients and variance on particular grid points from the image dimensions. Ideally, I should be plotting all three in a single plot or atleast all the variations in values of these parameters over time in three different plots. Total number of images is around 7500.
First issue was to save the values for pixel intensities and I could not figure out the way to give the orginal image name to the grid values so I generated [nx,ny,no. of images] array to store data which cannot be a large number because of computational constraints- as per MATLAB warning.
Secondly, I am unable to figure out how to plot the results of calcuated intensities, gradients and variance for the grid values of the pixels that I chose from the full image with respect to time.
Attached are two of the images along with the code that I used. Any suggestions?

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 23 May 2019
See attached examples where I determine the means of frames of a video and plot them.

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