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Vector inside another vector

Asked by José Campelo on 21 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by madhan ravi
on 21 May 2019
Hi! I have a vector S = [0 1 2 3 4 ... 30]' and now i want to create another vector U that is equal to 0 if K<S and equal to S if K>=S. In my exercise K=15.
I did this:
Can you please help me? Thanks


So U will always be a column vector the same size as 'S' and it will always be either full of 0s or it will match the "S" vector (depending on the value of K which will always be a single number (scalar)). Is that correct?
Your problem is not difficult. You just need to take a look to logical indexing in Matlab. For example:
Correct. Basically what I want is that U be a column with 0 until the 14th position and then 15, 16, 17 etc until 30.

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2 Answers

Answer by Adam Danz
on 21 May 2019
 Accepted Answer

S =(0:30)';
k = 15;
U = S .* (S>=k);


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Answer by madhan ravi
on 21 May 2019
Edited by madhan ravi
on 21 May 2019

People don’t do homeworks here. Index K>=S to U1 lhs and S rhs by equating against each other. Since it’s your homework see Alex’s links above and experiment.


My homework detectors didn't go off on this one.
XD sometimes it doesn’t even in mine, maybe a bug xd.

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