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Any possibilities of using sortrows for strings

Asked by Salad Box on 20 May 2019
Latest activity Commented on by Adam Danz
on 21 May 2019
I have a cell named 'b' consisted of n by 1 of strings, each row in a cell is a string. See below.
The 1,2,3,4 is not b's original order. the original order is a = [3 1 4 2], which means 'hello world' should be in the 1st row, 'hello' should be in the 2nd row, 'world hello' should be in the 3rd row, and 'world' should be in the 4th row.
How to achieve this? How to comebine 'a' and 'b' and by sorting 'a' it also sort 'b'?
Use a table? Matrix? Cell? which one I could apply 'sortrows'?


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1 Answer

Answer by Adam Danz
on 20 May 2019
Edited by Adam Danz
on 21 May 2019
 Accepted Answer

If I'm understanding correclty, no need for sortrows().
b = {'hello';'world';'hello world';'world hello'};
a = [3 1 4 2];
ans =
4×1 cell array
{'hello world'}
{'hello' }
{'world hello'}
{'world' }


Thanks Adam! That is exactly what I was expecting for!
Glad I could help!

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