How can I get in code the path of currently running deployed matlab function

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I have a deployed standalone MATLAB GUI, and in the code I need the path where the deployed .exe located. Is there any solution for this?

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Sebastian Holmqvist
Sebastian Holmqvist am 9 Aug. 2012
pwd also returns the current path. This is what I use in my GUIs.
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Sebastian Holmqvist
Sebastian Holmqvist am 10 Aug. 2012
pwd is actually an alias for cd. The difference is that with cd, you can also change the current directory while pwd only calls cd without arguments. See help cd for more info.

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst am 9 Aug. 2012
That's in the variable called ctfroot.
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Bíró am 9 Aug. 2012
Somehow value of this variable is the mcr cache path what is in user temp folder. I don't know why.

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