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Scale RGB values for a matrix and plot it as image according to the scaled values

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I have a matrix Tot_Magnet (100,100,3) and when I plot it as image then I get black image, because the RGB vales are very small. That's why I want to plot it with a scaled values:
Bx=Tot_Magnet (:,:,1);
By=Tot_Magnet (:,:,2);
Bz=Tot_Magnet (:,:,3);
max_r = max(abs(Bx(:)));
min_r = min(abs(Bx(:)));
max_g = max(abs(By(:)));
min_g = min(abs(By(:)));
max_b = max(abs(Bz(:)));
min_b = min(abs(Bz(:)));
And now how I can determine the minimum value und the maximum for the neu scaled RGB values instead [0-255] and then plot it as image?


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Accepted Answer

Image Analyst
Image Analyst on 3 Mar 2019
Try []:
imshow(Tot_Magnet, []);
or else mat2gray()
or imadjust():


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