Missing the Communications Toolbox

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Minal on 29 Jul 2012
Commented: Walter Roberson on 26 Oct 2021
I and all other students from my college have received MATLAB from the college. They all have the Communications Toolbox in their MATLAB, but I don't have it. How to add the toolbox in existing MATLAB software?
Deepthi K
Deepthi K on 26 Oct 2021
MATLAB software must be installed based upon the software we were using . The features present in the matlab tells us how to put the code and how to run the code in the window specified.

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Accepted Answer

Darel on 10 Jun 2021
If you already have MATLAB installed, you can go to Add-ons -> Communications Toolbox. Add-ons is available on the toolstrip from MATLAB’s home tab.
If you do not have MATLAB installed, go to the Does your school have a MATLAB campus license? page to see if your university has a campus wide license for MATLAB. If they do, then that page will lead you to instructions to get MATLAB (and available toolboxes) installed.
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Deepthi K
Deepthi K on 26 Oct 2021
i have already installed MATLAB in the desktop. But i couldn't run the program though in the Live Editor Command Window there.

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George Kopti
George Kopti on 3 Feb 2019
Edited: Hans Scharler on 9 Jun 2021
go to Home tab -> Add ons
install add on and you are good
Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson on 26 Oct 2021
What happens when you try?
What happens if you try from the command line instead of from the Live Editor ?

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