saving 3 dimensional single data in an Excel file

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Hello all
I have three dimensional epoched data (EEG data, 32*300*14 single ( channels x time points x trials) and I need to save the data in an excel file. However based on the error I got using xlswrite function, it seems that Excel handles only two dimensional data. . How can I save this 3 dimentional data (as 2 dimential i suppose) in an excel file? .
Thank you very much

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Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 28 Feb 2019
xlswrite is only able to write data in a 2D format because it can only write to one sheet at a time. In order to write your 3D data you can either reshape the data into a large 2D array, or you can run a loop to save each sheet of your data to a sheet of the excel file.
% Credit to cyclist for this
C = permute(A,[1 3 2]);
C = reshape(C,[],size(A,2),1)
% Or the loop
for i = 1:size(A,3)
Bob Thompson
Bob Thompson on 1 Mar 2019
32*14 = 448. The data is organized such that each former sheet has been moved to the tail end of the first page. Therefore, the first 32 rows are the first sheet, the second 32 rows (33 to 64) are the second sheet, and so on.
I do not know where the extra 30 columns came from.

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Fangjun Jiang
Fangjun Jiang on 28 Feb 2019
write each page to each sheet
for k=1:size(data,3)
This will run xlswrite() k times so it's not most efficient.


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