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How can i run a matlab code on other PC ? The installed Matlab Runtime is not compatible with the application

Asked by hesham goda on 26 Feb 2019
Latest activity Edited by hesham goda on 27 Feb 2019
I have a matlab code which needs to be executed on other PC. The PC and my exe file are having the same Run time version 2017b 9.3 . The problem is that when the code contains some specific functions, the exe file can not be implemented in the PC which gives the error message ( The installed Matlab Runtime is not compatible with the application). The PC can run some matlab exe files which contain commands like reshape, imread, imagesc,rgb2lab,....etc. But on the other hand, it can not read other functions like bwboundaries, imfill, strel, imclose,.... So, is there any solution where i can make the PC reads/computes all of the functions inside a matlab code ?
I will really appreciate your help, if someone has an answer for.


I have also solved the problem with another solution , as i selected Runtime included in package instead of selecting Runtime downloaded from Web where the MyAppInstaller_mcr file would be generated. That file i can copy to the machinery PC and install it there. Afterwards the exe file can be implemented correctly on the PC and all the toolboxes i used in the Matlab code, the PC can read/implement without any limitations.

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1 Answer

Answer by Niti K
on 26 Feb 2019

Try typing deploytool in your command window. This will open an application package utility.
you can create an exe and package your script with all dependencies and libraries needed for running it on another PC,


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