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how to create logical image from plot in a given scale?

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I want to transform two vectors (x, y) that describe a straight line in the domain (axis([1e-2 7e-2 1e-2 7e-2])) into a logical matrix.
x = linspace (2e-2,6e-2,20);
y = 4e-2 * ones (1,20);
a = [x' y'];
plot (x,y);
axis([1e-2 7e-2 1e-2 7e-2])
I want to get 100*100 matrix, which describe this plot. For that I can creat zeros matrix and then I have to put the ones in the correct place in this matrix. But I don't know where are the correct places.
Osama Tabbakh
Osama Tabbakh on 23 Feb 2019
No, y has contant number, because it is a line. But in this way I get a vector. Besides I need a matrix, which hasn't the same size like the vectors, but (100*100).

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Accepted Answer

Munish Raj
Munish Raj on 27 Feb 2019
Since the line is in the middle of your plot, the row indices of the plot will be the 50th row(middle).
Since the line goes from 0.02 - 0.06 and the axes start from 0.01 and ends at 0.07, your line will start in the 17th position and end at the 83rd position on the x axis.
The following code implements this
im = zeros(100); %Create a 100x100 matrix of zeros
im(50,17:83)=1 % make the necessary elements
I = mat2gray(im);
imshow(I); %Displays the image
Osama Tabbakh
Osama Tabbakh on 27 Feb 2019
And do u know how i can do that automatically? I have different shape of lines and i dont want every time to calculate the position of the ones on hand.

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