Having trouble compiling uigetfile function

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Kokalz am 18 Jul. 2012
Hello everyone! I created a GUI that has a feature to import and get data from an Excel file. To do that i used uigetfile function. When I compile it,the process goes without any errors and I can launch the .exe file without any problems. So far so good. But when I press my load button and choose the xls file I want to load nothing happens. I can see the file in choose file window and when I hit OK, nothing changes. It seems like compiler forgot to include some uigetfile files or something. I tried it on 2 different computers with 2 different guis and the problem is always the same. Any ideas how to fix it? In main files of compiler I choose .m file, in other files I put my .fig file with the gui layout and .jpg file with gui background picture. Thank you!
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Kokalz am 18 Jul. 2012
no,the console does not give any errors and the program runs without any problems if I run it from .m script

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Sebastian Holmqvist
Sebastian Holmqvist am 18 Jul. 2012
It always works for me. It could be that you only call
filename = uigetfile('*.xls','Select your file');
Instead, you should call
[filename, pathname] = uigetfile('*.xls','Select your file');
to make sure the whole file path is included. Then open your file with
file = xlsread([pathname filename])
to incorporate the file whole path.
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Kokalz am 18 Jul. 2012
Nevermind, it was just some bug with my laptop,everything works well now. Thank you so much for your help!

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