Get the index for the search of multiple strings within an array of strings

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I have a (1x128) cell array like this: "list" = 'S01R' 'S02R' 'S03R'... etc And another short (1x16) cell array with the same type of characters, eg, "bad" = 'S01R' 'S02R' 'S03R'... etc
I want to know the index of my "list" where I may found the items listed in "bad", I'v tried regexp but this function only allow me to find single strings in my list, Also, I don't know how to get the index in a orderer list instead of a cell array like this c=[] [] [] [1] [] [] [] [] []
Thanks for any idea,
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Jan am 12 Jul. 2012
Please post examples in valid Matlab code, such that they can be used directly in an answer by copy&paste.

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Jan am 12 Jul. 2012
See FEX: CStrAinBP: Reply the indices of common strings.

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Ryan am 12 Jul. 2012
Bearbeitet: Ryan am 12 Jul. 2012
Is this what you were looking for?
list = {'bad','worse','good','okay'};
badlist = {'bad','worse'};
idx = ismember(list,badlist);
This returns:
idx = 1 1 0 0;
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Dhruv Ghulati
Dhruv Ghulati am 21 Dez. 2015
This works for exact text search, but not for if a string contains a particular set of characters. I find strfind() a better approach if you have that particular use case.

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F. am 12 Jul. 2012
did you try "intersect" ???
[C,ia,ib] = intersect(A,B) example

JoseLuis am 12 Jul. 2012
Thanks to all for your answers, I found something that works,
CStrAinBP it does make it too,


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