matrix in a cell multiplicaiton

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Jing Hua
Jing Hua on 10 Jul 2012
I got two cells and each cell contain three matrix.
{matrix_1 matrix_2 matrix_3}and {matrix_4 matrix_5 matrix 6}
I want to multiply two matrix together in a matrix-wise fashion, NOT element wise by using 'cellfun'.
I was wondering if cellfun(@(v,w) v*w,cell1, cell2.'un',0) is correct, does it compute in a matrix wise fashion?
Jan on 10 Jul 2012
@Jing Hua: I suggest that you try it and check the results.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 10 Jul 2012
Yes, I like CELLFUN also. But if it causes troubles, why not using a loop?
Result = cell(size(cell1));
for i = 1:numel(cell1)
Result{i} = cell1{i} * cell2{i};
I assume this runs even faster then CELLFUN, but I cannot test this currently. Without doubt it is faster to write and to debug.

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