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Spatially thin out trajectory of 3D points

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thord am 24 Nov. 2018
Beantwortet: Rob Comer am 28 Jan. 2020
Hello everyone,
I have a trajectory of 3D positions on the earth (geodetic coordinates latitude, longitude and ellipsoidal height).
It consists of standstill, low-dynamic and high-dynamic parts.
For plotting, memory and performance reasons I would like to spatially thin out my list of points in the trajectory (like for example keeping only points that are >0.5 m apart).
So I would like to ask if there is already a built-in function for this in MATLAB (or maybe the Mapping Toolbox) that I missed, or if I will have to write my own function?

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Rob Comer
Rob Comer am 28 Jan. 2020
You'll have to write your own function, but the ecefOffset function in Mapping Toolbox can help. Try something like this (assuming h is ellipsoidal height in meters):
[deltaX,deltaY,deltaZ] = ecefOffset(wgs84Ellipsoid,...
delta = hypot(hypot(deltaX,deltaY),deltaZ);
Then look for elements of delta that are less than 0.5.


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