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help does not work

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I just installed MATLAB R2018b, and now the help command does not work. Even typing "help" or "help help" gives me a response of "help not found".
Was the help function killed? How do I get help to work again?
Thank you.

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David Soltysik
David Soltysik on 9 Nov 2018
After clicking "Set Path" and removing some paths, the help function resumed working.
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Michael Reshko
Michael Reshko on 18 Mar 2019
Could you please provide furtehr details of how to fix this issue? I am alos getting "Page not found" after a new version install. Thanks

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Ba Mo
Ba Mo on 12 Apr 2019
Edited: Ba Mo on 12 Apr 2019
Any chance that the toolbox/suite you installed is PSAT (power systems analysis toolbox)?
The help command in matlab stops working after adding PSAT to matlab's path
that's because the help command of matlab calls a routine called "settings" in the folder: "%matlab-root%\2018a\toolbox\matlab\configtools\settings.m, and psat also has a routine called "settings.m".
When you call matlab's help, you will find the culprit in the file named: "getTopicHelpText" in the sub-function at the bottom named: "useSingleSource(hp)"
to solve this problem, you must change the name of PSAT's file to something else; and cross-check if any other psat files use this routine
alternatively, in matlab's "getTopicHelpText" routine, change the "settings" command.
if the toolbox causing the problem is NOT PSAT, then something similar has happened for other reasons. the thing is, the code to fetch the help-text from any file, is done inside a try-catch-end block in matlab's help routine (help.m)
Martin Kurras
Martin Kurras on 11 Nov 2020
Thanks for yout answer Ba Mo, it helped me to figure out the issue.
In may case it was due to a class in my simulator named "settings". Note, that it worked just fine in previous Matlab versions, but with 2019b it is not longer working.
By removing the path pointing to my simulator, everythign works fine again. I think I will rename my settings class, however it is really annoying and cost me some time/effort.
Addition to the help issue, I also got conflicts when plotting/working figures, because the usage of java also depends on the "settings" command.

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