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how to plot controlchart function into axes GUI

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Safwana Razak
Safwana Razak on 13 Sep 2018
Commented: Safwana Razak on 14 Sep 2018
p = controlchart(re,'charttype','s');
xlabel('Airflow (ft^3/min)')
ylabel('Frequency (counts)')
title('Airflow Histogram')
when i run guide new window open. i want the graph inside my axes in GUI
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Jan on 13 Sep 2018
Today I've used the "{} Code" button to format your code.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 13 Sep 2018
Edited: Jan on 13 Sep 2018
See: doc controlchart (link)
parent — The handle of the axes to receive the control chart plot.
Default is to create axes in a new figure. Not permitted if there are
multiple chart types.
So try to replace
p = controlchart(re,'charttype','s');
p = controlchart(re,'charttype','s', 'parent', handles.axes1);

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