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Why is it showing " Image is too big to fit on screen; displaying at 67% " while processing a video?

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Shahrin Islam
Shahrin Islam on 12 Sep 2018
Commented: Shahrin Islam on 12 Sep 2018
Hello everyone. I am currently working on a project to count the number of vehicles passing a road through video processing by using blob detection. By after processing it's showing "Image is too big to fit on screen; displaying at 67%". May I please know that why is it happening and what's the solution for it? Regards


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Accepted Answer

Guillaume on 12 Sep 2018
Well, the message is clear, you're displaying an image (with imshow) and the size of the image is bigger than the size of your screen so it has to be rescaled (to 67% in your case) to fit on screen.
It's only a warning that is indeed not that useful. It always happen if you call imshow with a fixed InitialMagnification or omit InitialMagnification and the image is bigger than your screen. So a simple way to get rid of the warning is to tell imshow to always fit the image to the figure:
imshow(someimage, 'InitialMagnification', 'fit');
Another option is to disable the warning if you don't care about it:
warning('images:imshow:reducingImage', 'off');

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