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replace 0 with NaN for specific column in a matrix within cell

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my data is of 1x12 cells and 600x4 matrix in each cell but i want to replace 0 with NaN only in 4th column of matrix in each cell data{1,t}(data{1,t}(:,4)==0)=0 this command doesnt convert 0 to NaN While if i try this: data{1,t}(data{1,t}==0)=0 it converts 0 from all columns to NaN which is not desirable

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Jan am 16 Mai 2018
% Some test data:
data = cell(1, 12);
for k = 1:12
data{k} = randi([0,2], 600, 4);
% Replace 0 by NaN in 4th column:
for k = 1:numel(data)
col4 = data{k}(:, 4);
col4(col4 == 0) = NaN;
data{k}(:, 4) = col4;

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Guillaume am 16 Mai 2018
Since all your matrices are the same size, the easiest would be to get rid of the cell array and store all your matrices as a single 3D matrix. This is easier and faster:
data_mat = cat(3, data{:});
temp = data_mat(:, 4, :);
temp(temp == 0) = nan;
data_mat(:, 4, :) = temp;
Otherwise, you'll have to use an explicit loop:
for iter = 1:numel(data)
temp = data{iter}(:, 4);
temp(temp == 0) = nan;
data{iter}(:, 4) = temp;


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