Do you have any idea/example how to build up a graph like this ?

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Pierre Lonfat
Pierre Lonfat on 2 May 2018
Edited: Pierre Lonfat on 2 May 2018
Dear everyone,
I would like to create a graph looking like the following:
Where the arrows would automatically move in function of the categorical result -2 -1 0 1 2.
If you have any idea or example how I could build that it would be very welcomed !
Thank you in advance,
Pierre Lonfat
Pierre Lonfat on 2 May 2018
Thank you Jan for your answer ! I have no code for this graph yet because I have no idea how I would build it.
The idea is to get something like that:
Today's result for equities was 1.25 corresponding to a positive insight on equities (here a + on the graph), I would like that when I have my model result (which can be 0.5/--; 0.75/-; 1/0; 1.25/+, 1.5/++) that the arrow moves automatically to the desired position. In this example my model predicts a 1.25, corresponding to a + therefore my arrow should be located as shown in the example.
Thank you very much again,

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