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determine the angle of image

Asked by mohd
on 24 May 2012
hello there, i have an image.. i want determine the angle of image. the image is like hand image. i want to determine the angle at the elbow of image hand. here, i attached the image for further understanding. everyone please help me to do this, thank you..


Hi, I have a question for you. I have a same problem and I need to attach image to illustrate the problem much better. Can you please tell me how you attached your images in this page.
Put the image name in between double angle brackets., like <<http://whatever.png>>

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1 Answer

Answer by Stephen
on 25 May 2012

show the image somehow and use:
pos = ginput(3);
it will give you the option to chose three points on your image. click the forearm, the joint and the shoulder and then do the geometry of that triangle. something like acos(length1/length2) or something, you'll figure it out. Good luck!


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