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Please help me convert equation to matlab code.

Asked by adi putra on 1 Apr 2018
Latest activity Commented on by Walter Roberson
on 1 Apr 2018
Deal all.
I need you help to convert this equation to matlab code
I spend a lot of time to write it but it doesn't work. Thank you.

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Are you permitted to use the symbolic toolbox?
Is the question about providing some kind of symbolic proof, or is it about calculation of the formula using finite precision and a particular numeric input?

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2 Answers

Answer by Birdman
on 1 Apr 2018
Edited by Birdman
on 1 Apr 2018

Basically, Symbolic Toolbox will help you:
syms y(x) n


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Now that you have f(x)=sin(x), simply write
but remember that sin function takes input arguments in radians, you need to write
to get a numerical result.
@Birdman: I think you meant f(pi/2)
Yes, I just now edited it Roger.

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Answer by Roger Stafford on 1 Apr 2018

N = 100; % <-- Choose some large number
s = x;
for n = 2*N-1:-2:1
s = x - s*x^2/((n+2)*(n+1));
(I think you meant to take the limit as N approaches infinity, not x.)


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