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copy a string from filename and detect a new file in the folder

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I have a list of files like that :
the numbers correspond to date, for ex : 13/04/2012
Firstly,I would like to extract only the numbers in the filename and save them to a vector "date". Then I will display my data following this vector "date".
Secondly, for each time I run my code, I would like to detect if a new data file is added, for ex : data_acc_10052012.mat, etc. If yes, I redo the extraction of date and add it to the vector "date".
May anyone have an idea to do all these things please ?
Thanks for all your answers
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Jan am 4 Mai 2012
As usual it would be helpful if you show, what you have tried so far. I could imagine, that you have at least some lines of the code including the DIR command. If you post this, our suggestion could match your code.

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Jan am 4 Mai 2012
function ShowFiles(Folder)
persistent shownAlready
list = dir(fullfile(Folder, '*.mat'));
name = {};
if ~isempty(shownAlready)
name_bak = name;
name = setdiff(name, shownAlready);
shownAlready = name_bak;
blockStr = sprintf('%s;', name{:});
number = sscanf(blockStr, 'data_acc_%2d%2d%4d.mat;');
dateV = transpose(reshape(number, 3, []));
dateD = datenum(dateV(:, 3), dateV(:, 2), dateV(:, 1));
[dum, order] = sort(dateD);
for i = order
<do something with the file: fullfile(Folder, name{i})>
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Win co
Win co am 4 Mai 2012
It works greatly your code. It's very kind of you to help me.
Thank you very much

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