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Resacaling an array to align and plot beside another

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Robbie McDermott
Robbie McDermott am 30 Nov. 2017
Kommentiert: Robbie McDermott am 30 Nov. 2017
I have two arrays that when plotted should align. What is the best way to scale one of these arrays so the largest two maximums are inline? I am trying to show the maximums should all align, the height (intensity) is unimportant right now.
The arrays are both 1 X 600, however I have removed every second element of one of them to make them plot together.
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Jan am 30 Nov. 2017
What kind of arrays do you have? Matrices, vectors, multi-dimensional cell arrays? How is "align" defined? What does "largest two maximum are inline" mean? Why did you remove every 2nd element?
Robbie McDermott
Robbie McDermott am 30 Nov. 2017
Hi Jan, sorry, I thought I had attached this image.. Hope that helps answer some of your questions. My two arrays are column vectors. I removed every second value from one as it's original size was 1 X 1200. I thought a simple way to plot them side by side would be just to loss half my data points and then plot.

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Thorsten am 30 Nov. 2017
x = 1:600; A = rand(1, 600);
y = 1:2:600; B = rand(1, 300);
plot(x, A, y, B)


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