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Jan am 11 Nov. 2017
There is an API to interact with the files opened in the editor, see e.g.
But how can I find the corresponding docs or further explanations? These trials are not successful in R2016b:
docsearch editor
docsearch editor api
docsearch matlab.desktop.editor
docsearch getAll
doc matlab.desktop.editor.getAll % [EDITED: This DOES work!]
doc matlab.desktop.editor % This also - See Michelle's answer
Searching in the net does not find the official documentation also, e.g. asking Google for "matlab.desktop.editor.getAll" provides these links on top:
  1. Is this API documented?
  2. If so, where do I find an exhaustive documentation?
  3. How could I find this by my own?
PS. What a pity that the powerful feature of running macros in the editor has been removed after Matlab version 5.3! FEX: EditorMacro does not work as stable as I need it.

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Michelle Hirsch
Michelle Hirsch am 17 Nov. 2017
These functions are documented through their source code help, though there are no reference pages. Our intention is that the editor interface is fully supported.
You can use help or doc to get help on any function in the package. Doc just opens the help in the documentation browser. You can also get a listing of all of the documented functionality by calling
doc matlab.desktop.editor
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson am 25 Aug. 2019
You need to extract an active instance instance and work with it.
allinstances = matlab.desktop.editor.getAll;
now examine {allinstances.FileName} to figure out which if the instances is the one that is of interest to you. Supposing it is at offset idx, then
allinstances(idx).save() or .saveAs() or .close())
Thanks a lots it work perfectly

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