Find cell array and replace with another cell array in main cell array?

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I have 3 cell arrays. A={true;true;true;false;false;true;true;true;false;true;true;true;false;false;false}; How can I find B={true,true,true}; in A
and how can I replace that founded part with C={K;L;M};??
Ali Tunahan EROL
Ali Tunahan EROL on 4 Nov 2017
Actually, when I was writing the question, I made mistakes. A and B are cell arrays that are formed by logical values and C is cell array that is formed by chars. And also, I want the result as cell array with chars and ' '.

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Accepted Answer

Chenchal on 3 Nov 2017
Edited: Chenchal on 3 Nov 2017
Not efficient -- see below...
% code
A = {true;true;true;false;false;true;true;true;false;true;true;true;false;false;false};%logical row vector
B = {true,true,true};%logical col vector
C = {false,false,false};% assumption: replacement must also be logical col vector
% Convert all to strings, use regexprep, convert back
Rchar = regexprep(num2str(cell2mat(A))',num2str(cell2mat(B)')',num2str(cell2mat(C)')');
% Have to use _arrayfun_ since the output type must also be a cell array
R = arrayfun(@(x) {logical(x)},str2num(char(split(Rchar,''))))';
based in Guillaume comment:
% code
A = {true;true;true;false;false;true;true;true;false;true;true;true;false;false;false};%logical row vector
B = {true,true,true};%logical col vector
C = {false,false,false};% assumption: replacement must also be logical col vector
R = logical(strrep(cell2mat(A'),cell2mat(B),cell2mat(C)))
%need to convert logical array to cell array ??
Based on Cam comment:
Rchar2 = regexprep(char(cell2mat(A)+'0')',char(cell2mat(B)+'0'),char(cell2mat(C)+'0'));
R2 = arrayfun(@(x) {logical(x)},str2num(char(split(Rchar2,''))))';
Ali Tunahan EROL
Ali Tunahan EROL on 4 Nov 2017
Actually I made mistakes when I was writing the question but I use that line: "R = logical(strrep(cell2mat(A'),cell2mat(B),cell2mat(C)))" and erase logical function.
R = transpose(strrep(cell2mat(transpose(A)),cell2mat(transpose(B)),cell2mat(transpose(C))))
this code gave me what I want.
Thank you!!

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More Answers (1)

Cam Salzberger
Cam Salzberger on 3 Nov 2017
Regardless of your reason for using cell arrays initially, it is likely to be faster to convert them to logical arrays before searching for the pattern. Chenchal shows you how to do that with cell2mat.
However, I would not recommend converting the logical values into character representations of their values (i.e. converting true into '1' and false into '0'). The conversion from number to character and back takes significant time that is likely to be unnecessary.
Once you have your logical arrays, you can use any of the algorithms mentioned in this blog post to find the location of the patterns, and then replace them with simple indexing and assignment.
If you would like to use any string-search functionality, rather than using num2str, I'd recommend just converting the logical values directly to some character values. It doesn't really matter which character value it is, so long as you can do matching with it. For easy of examination though, you could just do this:
charArray = char(logicalArray+'0');
Hope this helps!

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