is there a valide alternative to the genetic algorithm of the global optimization toolbox?

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hey, I used different times the genetic algorithm (ga) present in the global optimization toolbox. Now I need for another application to use a machine in which the global optimization toolbox is not present and cannot be installed. I was wondering if there is some other package I can use instead? I just need the genetic algorithm. I've seen something on the internet but I don't know which one to trust. Unfortunately I don't have much time to test them. thank you
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Vaidyanathan Thiagarajan
Vaidyanathan Thiagarajan on 29 Aug 2017
Edited: Vaidyanathan Thiagarajan on 29 Aug 2017
Hello Marco,
You can use the GA implementations from the MATLAB file exchange :
I am guessing SpeedyGA or its variation might work for you. However, I cannot say for sure as it really depends on the problem you are trying to solve :
Is there a reason you are using GA? Can you please elaborate on the nature of optimization problem you are trying to solve? Is it a local or global optimization? What are your objective functions and constraints?

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